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RE: Need help selecting a turbo

Sorry, you are correct Carl. They also used the .48 on automatics to
improve throttle response. 

84 SVO, Silver

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>Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> I have seen what joe has done. He uses a T3/T4 Hybrid with .82  exhasut
>> housing. I believe the reason he can get away with .82 is because he
>> uses NOS. It's almost the same turbo that I am looking at except the
>> stage three driver and the exhaust side is smaller .48 or .63 exhaust
>> housing. The smaller housing will help the turbo spool up faster but
>> will cost you flow ( we know that clean flow or less resistant means
>> HP). If I go with .63 ( more flow) how much lag will I have vs .48. (BTW
>> the stock T03 exhuast is .48) and will the Stage three driver help that?
>> Dennis.
>> 84 SVO, Silver
>The stock A/R for your 84 is 0.63.  They didn't go to 0.48 until 85.5.
>If your turbo is still the stock one, you already know what a 0.63 is