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RE: Need help selecting a turbo

> > I have seen what joe has done. He uses a T3/T4 Hybrid with .82  exhasut
> > housing. I believe the reason he can get away with .82 is because he
> > uses NOS. 
> 	As far as I am aware (check me on this guys) joe uses the nitrous 
> to get boost of the line, being that he uses an automatic. I don't think 
> that the nitrous of the line is as helpful in a stick, especially with a LOW 
> first gear, such as you and I have:)

I think you have it backwards. An auto will have the off-line advantage as
you can sit and spool it up and let'r go. I would guess Joe uses the N2O
mostly for the extra HP (note his mph), and not just for holeshots. As far
as I know, he does use it to help spool up at the line, but only runs
around 16-17 psi of boost down the track.