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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

>This will get you pushed ahead first in line for the shock therapy and you
>will also be our first guinnea pig for acupuncture therapy(not sure if this
>works yet but now that we have a patient............. ). This is great,
>somoeone who shows the willingness to be cured by buying his own therapy
>supplies> There must be hope.
>BTW, I must retract the SANFORD AND SON comment on dave, obviously we have a
>more deserving member. Hey Bug Bug, where is Lamont???

        Lamont is alive and well, but missing for a few years.  He crawled
into a pile of parts...................and never came out.  Every now and
then, I heard faint mumbles from that pile and I throw in a cheeseburger.

        If all goes well, you will need to design a special membership for
me.  Me and my father are dealing with the bank right now to buy half a city
block.  It includes 3 houses, 2 apt houses, a motorcycle repair shop, 2 loft
apts, 3 storage garages, a 25 car fenced in lot, and an auto repair shop.
LOOK MA!  MORE STORAGE!  I will run the auto shop myself, and have plenty of
room for my "addiction".  I do believe this will be a step backwards in my
therapy, but I believe it will be well worth it.

                                                Bug Bug