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Re: Need help selecting a turbo

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Matt R Carlson wrote:

Damn Matt, 
Very well put!

> 	All of the other things that you have already done are very 
> logical. On your To-Do list you state that you want an ATR header. Unless 
> you have a lot of money to blow(and you may) I would look into just 
> porting a 87-88 TC exhaust manifold, the performance gain will be slightly 
> less, but the cost will be drasticly less(about 1/3).

Not to mention the fact that it can be done for ~1/50 of the price if you
use a 5 dollar exhaust manifold from the junkyard and put the extra time
into grinding the hard material..some people bitch about how hard used
manifolds get, but when I did my old one it was no big deal, especially
considering a little extra time on the grinder saved me 150 bux or

 You also will not 
> have the even higher temp under the hood, which will make your I/C much 
> less productive at the starting line unless you put a blower motor on it, 
> or front mount it(better choice).  

Save the money that would be dumped into the ATR header and get a decent
intercooler first.

> 	Also look closer at the mass air conversion. I know that it seems 
> logical and it is very important in 5.0 applications, but is yet unproven 
> on the 2.3T. 

One of the main reasons being that a mass air conversion on a 5.0
converts the EEC into a mass air system, while the 2.3 setups use a meter
that is frankly not supposed to be there.  The 2.3 setups use a mass air
meter that tries to fool the EEC into thinkin it still has the vane meter.
And I dont know what nicks claims are, but ETS would say stuff like it
could measure air to 500 cfm, whereas the vane could only go to like 350.
Well, BULLSHIT!  If the vane pegs at 350, the highest possible signal
received from vane would correspond to 350...now how are you going to put
a signal that matrches 500cfm on an input that onlyt reads to 350??

You may notice that both Joe(running 10's) and scott(will be 
> running 12's if he ever goes to the strip again;) )

Stupid final exams......>:|

 on this list both do not 
> use th mass air conversion, even Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords "Tiny Avenger" 
> returned to the stock speed density for the 2nd and 3rd episode!

Hell, I still run the small vane meter for the most part...last time I was
at the track i ran a big one but it was WAAAY out of tune.

> Be very leary of paying big bucks for this conversion until it is proven.

Yeah, and Nick has dyno results of everything,, whats takin him so long
on this? Could it be hes still trying to actually get an improvement from
it? Wonder how many cars he tested so far that didnt gain shit...As a
matter of fact, he was workin on this months ago, and said he was takin a
few cars to a meet at Englishtown to use the mass air thing.  All hyped
up, he said eh was goin to post the results.  Well, he never did, even
after I asked him.....Ever notice how his parts never lose power?  Also
ever notice how "ET challenged" his car is for an expert??

Scott...accidentally deleted the sig this time:)