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Re: Need help selecting a turbo

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Scott Shidel... wrote:
> > 
> > When you decide to get a bigger turbo, look into other common OEM turbos
> > for starters. Scott Shidel found a nice big T04 from a Navistar Diesel
> > for cheap ($40?). 
> hey, I paid 50 for that thing!  But then agian, the only things usable
> were the compressor and exhaust housings, and the center section.  The
> wheels were shot as were the bearings and sealplate stuff...
> IS that what its from though?  what is a Navistar?  I must be the only one
> that doesnt know what my own turbo is from:)

I'm just guessing. You mentioned it was from a Ford truck of somekind so I
assumed it was the International motor (Navistar). International (as in
the tractor/truck company) has been making Ford's "Navistar"  diesel for
years (most if not all "Ford" diesels in the last 15 years). Speaking of,
I found a kick ass source for a turbo and IC...the '91 and up
International and Ford Buses with turbo diesels. The have a big honkin'
turbo (T04?) and a nice sized IC.  You can check out the IC from the
front...it's easy to see through the bumper and the grill. Now I just need
to find one in a yard somewhere (Matt: Doesn't Lucken's up in Winger, MN
have a bus yard too?).