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SVO: RE: Re: Petition to join the CCA...

For Monty......

Paul I propose a new rule.... If you have more spare motors than you
have cars ( i.e. one SVO, 2 spare motors). Does this sound like it could
be in the fine print somewhere?

Monty, would you qualify under this clause?

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> Subject:	SVO:  Re: Petition to join the CCA...
> >
> >Can we please take this offline. It makes the SVO List look petty.
> Plus
> >its kinda getting old.
> >
> I think this ne is funny as heck, plus I like reading what other
> people
> have cluutering up their yards.  I am a lowly one Stang, two Ranger
> owner.
> Obviously I don't qualify as needing help (I hoped that my two bikes
> would
> get me in, but thats been crushed).
> Monty