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Re: SVO: Burning oil


Crawled under my car today (which wasn't fun I might add) and there was no
oil on the undercarriage, tranny, or exhaust system or on the engine
itself...so it's not leaking the oil away.


Good idea about the PCV valve.  I already thought about it and changed it
two weeks ago.

Dave, Neil and Jim,

I realize that valve seats crack/break/go bad, and this is a possibility. 
But, I am not sure that this is my problem for two reasons.  First off the
car runs great, in fact as good as new.  I would imagine that with a bad
valve seat it would run not quite as smoothly (unless the crack is really
small in which case I would only be losing a small amount of oil which
isn't the case).  Secondly, if the seats were bad wouldn't it burn oil all
of the time?

I plan on doing a compression check sometime after next week (I have finals
next week).  As another possibility could it be the valve guides?

One more thing, the car sat for 9 months without being moved/started or

Thanks for the help