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Moving...need some advice

Hey gang,

It seems as though we are moving to Northern California from Central 
Ohio in January and I have a big dilema.  We have 3 cars.  My wife and 
child will be driving the VW Passat and I will be driving the Ryder 
truck.  Problem....still have 2 cars to get to California.  So I was 
thinking of driving one out before hand and flying back but which should 
I drive?  Which should I tow?  And depending on which car, should I put 
it on a trailer or a dolly?  I love driving my XR and my TC but am torn 
on the long distance expedition.  The TC is more reliable but since I 
rebuilt the head in September I am leery about taking it.  Both will go 
on a trailer but I'm not sure if the TC will go on the dolly.  Both are 
mauals so I don't have to pull the driveshafts.  The trailer would be 
nicer (less road wear) but with the dolly, my mileage on the truck would 
be better.  Any personal experiences out there?  Any thoughts would be 

Thanks in advance!!


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