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Hey all,

My friend Ryan (Scott: he's the one that was in Super Street) just called
me and asked what I was doing Friday...

Seems that Truckin' and Mini-Truckin' have rented Pomona on Friday for a
"Full-size vs. Minis" shootout...I heard about it a while back, but that
they weren't interested (truck's too ugly)...I guess they're interested

Pinto is ill...SVO is in the backyard with a dent and expired tags, but
otherwise OK...the CRX is in "drydock" (don't feel like putting the tranny
back in...)...the truck is doing "daily driver" duty...Finals are next
week(M,T,Th)...should I?  

Ryan wants me to put the oxide on it (jetted down a bit of course...) and
blow those guys out...I'm not worried about the engine (of course) or the
axle (freshly rebuilt)...the tranny is a POS.   Plus I'm not too nuts
about going over 100 in the Ranger anyways...any thoughts?

I must be crazy, but I'm seriously thinking about it...:)