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Hey Matt!...

You just got "outed" on Dave's list...


To Extreme SVO:  Even though I agree with your sentiments completely...you
might want to be a little more discreet next time. ;)

BTW -- about what the cams cost to do...

The billetts cost $65, the heat-treating costs about $10, depending on how
many you do at a time...the real work comes in the labor -- it takes most
of a wheel($40-50) to do one (steel cam) and additional labor time to
grind it (it's harder than a cast cam) and straighten it (after
heat-treating)...his cost would undoubtably be less than that if it was on
a "CNC" cam machine, because it probably wouldn't use up the wheels like a
regular one.   I'll have to check with Steve on who actually has one of
those...it's a fairly tight industry.

Compared to the other rollers I've seen, his prices are pretty cheap, but
I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't even make his own anyways...the CNC
machine he's talking shit about costs a zillion dollars and he's too cheap
to make a mandrel-bent headpipe -- I doubt he would spend a half-million
or so (maybe more) to buy a cam machine...plus he's not familiar enough
with how that stuff even works -- he can't even spell and he's gonna write
code for a CNC machine?  

At least Steve Davis (ETS) admits that he doesn't do his
own...sortof...they come in a Crower box. 

Please be more careful when you forward stuff...ok? ;)  (You can forward
this if you want, though...)

Joe Morgan