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SVO: Rear control arm bushings

> 	I have replaced the rear upper control arm bushings with stock
> rubber ones, about 7-8 dollars each.  I actually bought the bushing
> removal tool from OTC for about 130 dollars.  Yes, it is expensive, but it
> only takes 15 minutes to change both with this tool.  You might find
> another bushing removal set from MAC or Snap-on that is less.  I replaced
> the upper arms with the Motorsport arms, usually 50-60 dollars for a pair.
>  	After replacing both stock bushings on the diff and the upper
> arms, the car was returned to excellent handling with no squeeks, no other
> problems.  I'd bet you could get the whole work done for less than the
> cost of the removal tool.  On the other hand, the bushings are so
> inexpensive that I plan to change them again at the next sign of wear. 
> 	Interestingly, the bushings for the lower control arms are not
> nearly as deteriorated.
> 	Anyone know if the Cobra lower control arms are the same as stock
> SVOs?  Sure looks that way from just looking under a Cobra.
> Jon
> 84 SVO