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SVO: Re: Running Codes

The Self test connector is near the starter solenoid.  Which is located in
the engine compartment under a black plastic cover (if the cover is still
there), on the drivers side fender, between the battery and the strut tower.
The self test connector is the trapezoidal shaped connector and the pigtail
connector should be in the same bundle of wires as the self test conn.

hope this helps

Carl Haines
86 SVO

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Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 11:55 AM
Subject: SVO: Running Codes

Running Codes...almost sounds like a modern-day Native American name,
huh? But seriously, I bought myself one of these big (pocket size)
computer scanners and I have one problem...

Where the heck do I plug it in???..I thought it was under the dash on
the drivers side....am I wrong here?

Btw, it's one of the scanners that can be used while the car is in


Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E