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This is to formally advise nominations are being accepted for the first
auxillary to the fast growing and vigorous CCA.  
This group shall be an auxillary to the CCA, and support in any and all ways
the efforts of that unfortunitate group to alleviate their pain.  
Chief activities will consist of :  moving cars so the driveable one can get
to the street and sorting parts collections into the proper make model and
year sections.
The name of this auxillary shall be THE OLD FARTS
Qualifications: (necessarily lower due to the advanced age of the member) 
1. Own at least 3 vehicles, minimum 1 SVO
2. Have at least 500 lbs of parts in the attic/garage
3. Applicant must be over 50 years old.  
4. Must be able to quote the special features of the SVO in detail at a
moments notice. 
Meetings shall be at the whim of the CCA, and must be at a location that is
certified as "Handicapped accessible"

Contact "OLD FART #001"

Dwayne Parker  ;-))