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SVO: First official CCA help session

We had our first online session tonight. Mike Ray and I were talking when my
phone rang and someone offered me an 88 5 liter T-bird for $200!  OOOHHH the
Humanity, the temptation! But with Mikes help I turned it down, there may be
hope yet. I also turned down a decent 84 Mark VII LSC last nite for $1100
running and ready to drive. Things are looking up but I must take things one
day at a time, I could relapse at any moment. If anyone might want these two
deals, email me and I will get you the info. 
Mike also figured a way to fix those pesky loose turn signal indicator arms
that get loose. Now he has a good indicator switch, he just cant drive the car
to use it yet.If anyone out there has ever had their indicator arm snap off
(of coarse right when you want to signal a turn) and you would like a spare
switch, I found a dealer in CA who sells used switches for $15 each(I bought
2, 1 for a spare).Email me if interested.

Paul (CCA Pres.) therapy seems to be helping.........for now.