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Re: SVO: roller cam? OVERPRICED!!

>Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 19:31:36 -0800 (PST)
>From: "Neil G. Chirico" <neil@saleen.com>
>Subject: Re: SVO:  roller cam?
>To the list,
> Most of you complainers are forgetting several important points about
>sets price.
> 1)Engineering costs, to develop the parts, it just doesn't happen by


> 2)Tooling costs, some components require tooling or jigs and believe it
>not these cost money.

I can accept that...

> 3)Purchase quantity,sometimes you must purchase in large quantities to
>your parts manufactured, which means more initial investment.

Unless you are Joe Blow Mega-Bankloan, you have a respectable business
that can afford to pay up this initial investment and _pass_ the savings
of buying in quantity onto your customers (this may be a shock for
those who never passed econ 101)... 

> 4)To make money,most businesses operate on a profit basis, or they doing
> [do not] last long.All businesses have overhead that must be taken into
> consideration when coming up with prices. 

I accept that too...but $300 over the competition with no hard evidence of
performance or guarantees? 

>Most of you complaining either don't live on the other side or just plain
>forgot that their [there] is more than just the cost of the part
>itself. Stop and think before you complain or better yet, just don't but
>[buy] the part, but don't complain about pricing.

Your right...instead of complaining, I'm going to spend the same money on
an Engle HYD cam and a nitrous kit. I know they'll work :)

> We should all be thankful that new parts are even
>being produced for vehicles that are so far out of production.
>                                                   Neil

Give me a break.....

Reverend Jim Jones, 1978:

"Please, for God's sake, let's get on with it... This is a revolutionary
suicide. This is not a self-destructive suicide. So they'll pay for this."

Sorry about the out of place quote...for some reason the word "brain
-washing" popped into my head and this quote followed....hmmmmmm.