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Re: SVO: Help - Fuel Pressure Problem

 It sounds like you are on the right track,the fuel pressure sould be at
about 40 P.S.I. at idle and go to about 60 P.S.I. under boost conditions,
and then after shutting off the engine remain at about 30 P.S.I..The other
cause may be the fuel pressure regulator, which may not be doing its
job.Also don't forget the 84 has 2 fuel pumps,one in the tank and one on
the frame with the fuel filter, check both.Good Luck.
At 10:27 PM 12/4/97 EST, RacerX II wrote:
>Greetings all...
>my name is brian and i'm new to the list
>my motives for joining were several, one of which was to sollicit some
>opinions on a probelm my dad and i have been having on our SVO's for some
>now. i've got a modified 86 (ported everything - stock intercooler(ported),
>2.02-1.60 valves, motorsport roller cam) - don't ask about the logistics of
>all this i bought the car this way. my dad has a bone stock 84. here's our
>problem. when my boost hit 11 or so lbs on the gauge the car started
>sputtering real bad. i put a fuel pressure gauge on it and sure enough it was
>fading below 20 lbs. i've got a motorsport 155lph intank pump. the relief
>valve is new and working. my dad's car does the same at 8 lbs on his
gauge. it
>feals exatally the same, but we havent put a gauge on his yet. he just
>the fuel filter and no help. the 84 was on the unleaded setting. my car won't
>sputter unles you run on the premium setting. my car does this even with 94
>octane in it. my dad won't run anything more than 87.
>i bought an external pusher pump 110gph @90psi - i figured that would help me
>get to 15 or lbs boost. i thought the porting had to do with the need for
>fuel than the pump was made forhavent installed it yet cause when my dads car
>started doing it i stopped to re-think. what could be causing this in two
>differently set up cars. could his pump just be getting old?
>if you think i'm on the right track with the big pump than answer me this.
>when i hook it up, can i just plumb the hose from the tank pump to the pusher
>with no relief valve figureing the pusher will always outpump the intank
>at what pressure is the ford 155lph pump rated? 40psi?
>has anyone ever had this problem? is it common or no?
>thanks for any help you can give me.