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Re: SVO: roller cam?

Rod you are right, but that is only half the battle.

 We use solid steel cores, not reground cams or even the modular cam the Ford
sells. Blank core are very hard to get. The solid cores take forever to get
made and they are very expensive. After that they still need to be ground,
more time and more money.

Crower makes roller cams but can only sell them to Esslinger, they paid the
big bucks for Crower to build them so they have the rights to them. Other
companies like, Crane and Comp Cams sell rollers. None of them make good
street turbo grinds. The cost from them for a camshaft alone is around
$350.00. If you get the Crane set-up, springs retainers, keepers, seals, lash
caps, and went to Ford for the roller rockers and lifters the price would be
about $690.00. So our price is right in line, plus our camshaft is made for
our motor, and we are not some big company that sell 1000s of them and get buy
them dirt cheep. Now after you take the 10% list member discount the price
would be $612.00. If you look at roller camshaft kits for other motors like
the Chevy 350 and the 454 , Speed-Pro sells kits for them. The cost is around
$600.00 for the kit, camshaft, roller lifters, pushrods, camshaft button and
camshaft lube. Buy a camshaft from HKS or any other company thats sells them
for a import, $300.00 and up for just the camshaft and them sell 1000s. 

So I do not think that $680.00 is alot for a camshaft kit that works. It is a
very fair price for a product that does would is it claimed to do. This is
alot better then spending $50.00, $100.00 or even $200.00 on anything else for
your car and getting nothing from it. Like they always say, "it costs money to
go fast, how fast to you want to go" Thanks again