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Re[2]: SVO: Koni question

     Aaarrggg...I could have used this info last winter, when I ordered new 
     struts for my '86!!
     I got mine from Racer Walsh in FL for $158 ea. + shipping.  They are 
     now listed for $168 ea., so the direct Koni route is probably the 

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Subject: Re: SVO:  Koni question
Author:  FFASTSVO <FFASTSVO@aol.com> at Internet
Date:    12/5/97 1:37 AM

   Ihave yet a better solution if you need to buy new ones.   Order them from
Koni directly.  I called them to try to get a set of struts for free, but 
since I was not the original owner - no dice, but Koni is giving all SVO 
owners 50% off the price of new ones.  My struts cost me each $110 and I 
believe they shipped it for free!
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