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SVO: Roller cam prices!

For any who complains about the prices, please educate yourselves. I
researched for about 6 months before deciding to purchase a cam KIT from
Essingler. It is very top notch quality and was designed specifically for
2.3l turbo engines, and the kit uses all of the very best parts (valves,
followers, etc).

Engineering, tooling, and supply and demand says it all. After almost 5
years (graduate in May with BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rolla) I know
that this is a fair asking price. 

Just my two cents.

Wish Nicks cam was available when I got my Essingler cam.....hmmm what was
the cost of Nicks cam alone? and can it be used with my followers, valves,
etc. and just change the springs. Let me know Nick.

Later, Jon.