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Re: SVO: roller cam? OVERPRICED!!

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

>  Please read the price again. If you cannot, please have someone read it to
> you.  The CAMSHAFT ALONE IS $385.00. If you or anyone else can do it better or
> cheeper put your money down and do it. Some people talk the talk but can not
> walk the walk. I have sold alot of my camshafts to many people, everyone seems
> to like them. We have the dyno numbers to backup what we say. We also have the
> inspection stickers on the cars to prove it will pass any emission test.  

Ok, now we're gettig somewhere. I think selling everything in a package is
a really good idea. I had to buy parts from five different sources when
putting in my cam, so I think that is a really good way to go. I have to
ask you to please justify the high price on the camshaft alone though. My
Engle alone was $119 from the local machine shop. I understand it's not a
roller, but who cares -- It's just the cam right? You have to justify your
price to the "no-brainers" out here.

As far as backing up your claims, I'm sure you have a few dynojet
printouts or the like laying around from your street roller and mass air
kit. I (and several others) will put this whole thing to rest if you can
scan them and send them out.

> You
> like some other people only have words and hot air. All I can say is talk is
> cheep, put you money where your mouth is. Good luck

I will not put my money anywhere until it's proven. Show us some proof,
not just "cheep talk". :) You have a lot of potential customers that are
listenening. Give us a pitch, but don't mislead us. Be prepared to backup
your claims with hard evidence. I bet the whole reason people get after
you is they've been on the internet for years and know that people "type"
a lot and don't really say anything. Prove us wrong...