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Re: SVO: roller cam?

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> them dirt cheep. Now after you take the 10% list member discount the price
> would be $612.00. If you look at roller camshaft kits for other motors like
> the Chevy 350 and the 454 , Speed-Pro sells kits for them. The cost is around
> $600.00 for the kit, camshaft, roller lifters, pushrods, camshaft button and
> camshaft lube. Buy a camshaft from HKS or any other company thats sells them
> for a import, $300.00 and up for just the camshaft and them sell 1000s. 

Also, if you think that is expensive, look what they go for for the SHO
Taurus.......THOUSANDS of dollars! Granted there are four cams, but they
arent rollers...they are reground stockers actually....or were when I was
into SHOs


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