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Re: SVO: roller cam? OVERPRICED!!

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Hello Cory, welcome back.
>  Please read the price again. If you cannot, please have someone read it to
> you.  The CAMSHAFT ALONE IS $385.00. If you or anyone else can do it better or
> cheeper put your money down and do it. Some people talk the talk but can not
> walk the walk.

Better watch that expression....your getting a new comptitor....

> like some other people only have words and hot air. All I can say is talk is
> cheep, put you money where your mouth is. Good luck
How about 11.33 in the 1/4?  For 300 bux....2600lb car, 2750 with
driver..o yeah, and the car had an automatic....

> Later....Nick


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