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Re: SVO: roller cam? OVERPRICED!! Blatant advertisement follows...

Thought I'd babble a little....

Nick's cam is not expensive for what it is.  In fact it's cheap, cuz you
dont have to chase parts, or sort it out, or wonder if it's meant more for
a high RPM race motor.  It's made for the street.  And it's pretty much the
only choice available if all of those things are important to you.

When I went after the Engle, I did so because many people said it was the
only flat cam that gave an improvement.  I was specifically in pursuit of
"cheap".  And I got it.  For the cheap people in the crowd, (like me), get
an Engle from me for $149. If you have an earlier SVO, the improvement will
be large.  If you have a later SVO, the improvement is much smaller, and
well documented in the dyno sheets on my web page.

If you have more money, it's my *opinion* that Nick's cam is THE roller

But, again, it's your money.

Lot's of people make choices based on what's important to them, me
included.  I don't know anyone who's unhappy with Nick's cam, and I know
LOTS of his customers.

BTW, a guy I know took out Esslingers cam and put Nick's in, and was WAY
happier, ditto on Nick's turbo.  The guys car is much faster and more
driveable now.

You guys gotta learn to trust somebody.  I haven't met a bad egg on the
internet yet.  The shiesters pop up and then disappear.   Challenges go
unanswered with these types.  I think Nick's just sticking around ought to
tell people something about his business.

Man you guys can talk lately!  You're giving the server a real load test! 
It's handling it well, don't you think?

Get Allan's EEC book for $16 delivered... It's worth every dime, guys!

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