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Re: Help - Fuel Pressure Problem

> > > sputtering real bad. i put a fuel pressure gauge on it and sure enough it was
> > > fading below 20 lbs. i've got a motorsport 155lph intank pump. the relief
> > 
> > If you are definitely loosing pressure it could be 1 of 2 things. Either
> > your FPR is stuck or you have fuel system problems (FP, plugged filter,
> > crushed lines, plugged/missing screen, etc). 
> If its "fading" though, doesnt sound like it would be stuck....

I guess it really depends on what he means by fading. I assumed he meant
when he was driving, it would slowly drop pressure as rpm/load increase
which could be a stuck FPR (if it was a one-to-one function). If that's
not what he meant, and it the pressure just floats around at the same
rpm/load then Scott's right, it couldn't be the FPR.

An easy way to check is unhook the FPR hose @ idle with the gauge hooked
up. Does the pressure go up?