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Re: SVO: roller cam?

In a message dated 97-12-05 03:37:25 EST, extremesvo@juno.com writes:

<< thats great there Chief... but its still a $600 dollar cam... you go
 ahead and waste your cash on that.  the only thing i would pay in that
 kit would be the rollers.. they might be special, but the cam? its still
 just heat treated steel..  and get a blank cam from crower or someone and
 have them grind it to the same specs cheaper. 
 I am sure there are more people that are bothered about prices, it just
 so happens that am the only one that has enought guts to say so.
 Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
 2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)
I have been quiet until now but here it goes.
First of all, its a $600 cam kit, not just a cam.
Second, Have you ever checked on tooling costs? I have several friends who are
machinists by trade and they make tooling for things like this. Tooling costs
can EASILY go into 6 figures for even the smallest parts.Example: cam
production tooling costs= $75,000. Now how many cams must you sell to make
this profitable? What is your market base? How many cams are you likely to
sell? etc. I am not saying that this cost is accurate, I dont know in this
case. but its not unrealistic.
I am not saying that I would buy this cam kit, I take pricing seriously and
for what I want to do with the car its not cost effective for me. 
Point is I guess, if there were as many 2.3 Turbo people wanting to modify
their engine as their are 5.0 owners, then due to popularity and demand the
prices on 2.3 parts would be cheaper. If you dont like the price of the parts
for the 2.3 then go out and buy a 5.0 mustang and modify it! Yes everyone has
one, big deal. You want to be different and modify and SVO , then it will cost

Paul (CCA Pres.)