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Re: SVO: Help - Fuel Pressure Problem

At 05:52 AM 12/5/97 -0800, Neil G. Chirico wrote:
> It sounds like you are on the right track,the fuel pressure sould be at
>about 40 P.S.I. at idle and go to about 60 P.S.I. under boost conditions,
>and then after shutting off the engine remain at about 30 P.S.I..The other
>cause may be the fuel pressure regulator, which may not be doing its
>job.Also don't forget the 84 has 2 fuel pumps,one in the tank and one on
>the frame with the fuel filter, check both.Good Luck.
>                                       Neil


Neil and I talked about it, and it could also possibly be the Fuel Pump
Circuit Resistor Control Switch? If problems start at boost, try bypassing
the switch with a jumper -- it's near the master cylinder and has a thin
black vacuum tube going in one end, and a two-wire harness at the other.
It's about the size of a 35mm film case, wrapped in a black rubber booty.

Perhaps you should check voltage under boost (it should increase to 12-15v
or so); or bypass this switch with a jumper and test drivability. 

Jim Dvorak
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