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Re[4]: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

     My particular VAF had casting flash on the inlet adapter, an 
     undersized gasket on the inlet adapter plus a lot of 'sharp' edges 
     facing into the air flow.  What I did was radius all sharp edges and 
     remove any/all casting flash/gasket material.  I did not enlarge any 
     openings, other than what was reduced by casting flash and a gasket.  
     Winters are long in Chicago and I ran a little rampant with my Dremel 
     tool.  I have no idea of it really helped or hurt my performance, just 
     stated what I have done.

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon
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In a message dated 97-12-01 10:59:46 EST, tschaefe@usr.com writes:
<< Superchips 255HP chip, motorsport roller cam, home porting of everything 
 the vane air meter to the turbo exhaust elbow, K&N, 3" off-road down pipe
and a 
 4.10 gear >>
   Why and how would one want to port the VAF?
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