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Re: SVO: Ford Motorsport Roller Cam

> it was substantially less.(I don't remember what the difference was
> exactly but I think it was around .020" less.) When I measured with a
> micrometer it was the same as the spec sheet.
That may well be because you can't just measure across the lobe accurately
on a cam with longer ramps, like a hydraulic roller.

To be accurate, you have to check in between centers (a fixture similar in
appearance to a lathe), with a dial indicator, then you can check the lobe
lift from the true base circle. 

For the record:  $380 for a hydralic roller isn't a bad price...even list
for a B303 is 230-something and they're common as fleas.  I mean, he's got
to buy them from his supplier, then make a profit...that's the american

Joe Morgan
*tired of watching the cam b.s. fly and figured I'd pitch in*