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SVO: Ford Motorsport Roller Cam

All this talk about roller cam prices made me think back to last summer
when I ordered the Ford Motorsport cam for my 85 SVO.
When I received it I looked at the spec sheet that came with it and the
lobe lift was not the lift that was advertised in the Motorsport
it was substantially less.(I don't remember what the difference was
exactly but I think it was around .020" less.) When I measured with a
micrometer it was the same as the spec sheet.
When I called Ford Motorsport, I was told there was a problem with the
cams from 4 of the 7 people that I talked to, the other 3 didn't know
anything about it and I had to talk to their supervisor.
My point to all this roller cam business is buyer beware, because you
not get what you think you are for your money.

Kevin Cirelli
1985 SVO