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SVO: New Subscriber

Hi List,
I am a new subscriber to the list and wanted to introduce myself.  I own an 86' SVO Mustang that I bought new from Framingham Ford (Massachusetts) in May of 86'.  I ordered the car in December 1985 and waited six months to take delivery.  I was so fanatical that I actually called the Dearborn weather information line on the day the car was scheduled to be built to see if it was raining...it was snowing actually (you know, the old adage about the quality of cars built on Mondays, Fridays and rainy days).  Anyway, the car is bright red, without leather or a sunroof.  I didn't know about the factory radio delete or comp prep package at the time, so the car is right off the line.  I drove the car for four years and retired it to storage in 1990 when I bought a 90' LX 5.0 convert.  The car has been in storage for seven years and looks great except for the balding Gatorbacks.  I was meticilious about changing the oil and the car doesn't smoke under power but does a bit on startup.  I assume it's valve seals and since the car has 92k miles on it (it was a daily driver) I figure a little smoke is OK.  Anyway, I live in Goffstown New Hampshire and plan on holding on to the car forever (as close as I can get anyway).  I figure it will be similar to the Boss 429 some day and the collectable value will likely be high....besides the car is a blast (boost) to drive.  I love the looks on faces of the "so called" euro enthuasts riding shotgun when I punch the throttle and the boost comes up and throws them backwards into the seat.  I also love to correct them when they tell me that the first production four banger to make 200 hp was the Porsche 944.
Anyway, looking forward to learning from all you folks on the list. 
Paul S. Fisher
International Interactive Media, Inc.
175 Canal Street
Manchester, NH  03101