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Re: SVO: fuel pumps

 You can upgrade to late model S.V.O., and eliminate the frame mounted pump
and just use the in tank pump.You will need to get the pump bracket from a
late model, either S.V.O. or, 87 and newer 5.0, as the original brakcet is
different.You can then use any aftermarket pump 155 or bigger.The only
other thing you must do is come up with fuel line to eliminate the external
frame mounted pump already on the car.I would look for a late model S.V.O.
and use those lines if possible, it may require some fabrication
though.Good Luck.
P.S. The original in tank pump is a low pressure pump.I have a spare frame
rail mounted used pump if you are interested, probably pretty cheap.
t 1:32 AM 12/6/97 EST, RacerX269 wrote:
>why did ford put two fuel pumps on the 84 svo and how can i delete the frame
>mounted one. mine is leaking and the ford dealer wants 250.00 for a new one.
>does anyone know what the in tank poump is rated at and what the frame
>one is rated at? any help would be appreiciated....
>matt mcdougall
>84 svo (still trying to become a road race terror)
>know if i could just get that fuel to stop leaking i might be able to pass