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Re: SVO: fuel pumps

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Neil G. Chirico wrote:

> only other thing you must do is come up with fuel line to eliminate the
> external frame mounted pump already on the car.I would look for a late

Actually, you can just use the original fuel filter bracket, dump the pump
(a bit of alliteration) and use an FOTZ-9155-A (explorer and ranger) fuel
filter.  It's dimensionally identical to the E7DZ-A/FG-800 filter, but the
fittings are an inch or so longer, making it about the same overall length
as the rail pump...just remove the "S" shaped hose from the pump to the
filter and attach the inlet and outlet hoses directly to the filter.  

This won't work if you want to add duals, but it works just fine for
deleting the rail pump.

Joe Morgan