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This is the BS I was talking about...

>From: Mp23cc <Mp23cc@aol.com>
>How about asking the seven people who came out to the dyno runs last
>March. My
>car made 328 hp @ 5850 with 17 lbs of boost on pump gas. Kens car made
>with my 2 1/2'' hi-flow exhaust on a stock 2.3 motor set to 20 lbs of

I SEVERELY doubt that a BONE STOCK Merkur with only his 2.5" compression
bent exhaust is going to score 258 horse at the wheels...Shit, we can all
go look on Dave's homepage and see what a modded Merk can do with all the
big stuff (VAF/SVO computer) and a huge intercooler with the Engle... 

I love this guy.