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SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

>From: Mp23cc <Mp23cc@aol.com>
>How about asking the seven people who came out to the dyno runs last
>March. My
>car made 328 hp @ 5850 with 17 lbs of boost on pump gas. Kens car made
>with my 2 1/2'' hi-flow exhaust on a stock 2.3 motor set to 20 lbs of
>Ask Jon Welsh took his car to a dyno in AZ, he made 331 lbs /ft with 17
>lbs of
>boost and pump gas. You may not know the peole above but others on the
>do. Some also came to the dyno that day and saw the car make 328 hp.

Ok, I have a BONE stock '88 TC motor with ONLY the Engle and a K&N cone. I
am putting out about 190 horse at the rear wheels (16-17 PSI, through a
STOCK C-3). What gain can you guarantee me by going for your complete cam
kit? Can I make 328 horse if I invest in your cam alone? Can I make at
least 258 since a STOCK Merkur did with only exhaust and more boost? Do
you realize how ridiculous that sounds? By your numbers, that "stock"
Merkur would have been doing around a 13.35 @ 102 mph in the
quarter...NOT! I want to see some hard evidence...if you were on a dyno,
scan in the sheet and send it out with descriptions of mods. If you need a
good example, check out Dave's homepage -- he did a very good job of
laying everything out for his potential customers.

waiting patiently...