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Re: Engle 65 WASRe: SVO: roller cam?

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, FFASTSVO wrote:
>  Why does everyone poo-poo the Engle 65? 

>From what I heard, lousy idle.....

 Yes,I have heard about the
> valvetrain noise, but it seems 55 owners have to disconnect the knock sensor
> too.

Have to?  I dunno about that.  From what I seen the same ppl that run the
55 with the KS disconnected ran it d/c'd with the stock cam.  Its not a

  Though I've heard the 65 made awsome power and is true it delivered
> shitty mpg?

Man, how bad could it be?  The merk is all stock and I'm lucky to score
15mpg city.....


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