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Nick's Horsepower rating

Holly cow, I wish I could use Nick numbers to explain my horsepower!!

> Ken had a white 1988 XR4TI,
> 5-speed with about 85,000 mile on it. My 2 1/2'' hi-flow exhaust,
> cleaned stock 35 lbs injectors, 85.5 SVO VAF and EEC. Turbo was set
> to 20psi and he used 100 octane street gas. He made 258 hp, I think
> it was 219 hp at the rear wheel. Why is it hard to understand? He
> ran 14.10s @ 98 mph, with stock tires.

With that stated my 86 SVO (87k with a rod knock) with only TC 
Intercooler, K&N and 3" downpipe with dual 2.5" is churning out 225+ 
hp (at the wheels) at sea level, WHATEVER.  Get real Nick, I think 
his numbers are also fluffed up to look good.  Lets wait and see what 
Joe can produce with his cam and maybe these numbers will be more 
realistic.  Just my opinion.

Chris Roth
98 Black Contour SVT
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO