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Re: SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

Well you can aks Dave Compton about how much power Ken and my car made. Dave
was one of the members at the dyno. I will find the dyno sheets and scan them
to the list.
Ken had a white 1988 XR4TI, 5-speed with about 85,000 mile on it. My 2 1/2''
hi-flow exhaust, cleaned stock 35 lbs injectors, 85.5 SVO VAF and EEC. Turbo
was set to 20psi and he used 100 octane street gas. He made 258 hp, I think it
was 219 hp at the rear wheel. Why is it hard to understand? He ran 14.10s @ 98
mph, with stock tires. Chris is makeing about the same with his car. He does
have our 3'' exhaust, intercooler, 17-18 boost. He now has Daves camshaft in
the car so he must be more then 220hp.
The motor is a hot air pump, the more you can get in and out the more power
you will make. With a free-flow exhaust and 20 psi anyone can make over 200hp,
if you do not detonate. Thanks again