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SVO: More Parts for sale

Found a couple more items:
84 Glove box(w/ fuzzy liner) $20
rear interior panels (The large ones) $10 for the pair
Dash panels (above glove box and over instruments) $60 for the pair
clutch pedal assembly $25
84 Svo front sway bar $15
Rear sway bar $15
2.3 bellhousing $20

and a 79 coupe,complete car,2.8 V6,4spd needs a timing chain and its a driver
again.Rare color combo(Grey primer with red interior).I am begging you,please
buy this car its only a lousy $75 and it can raise the property values in your
neighborhood.The sale of this car is essential to my recovery (read: room for
another car) :). Thanks for your support.

Paul (CCA President)
86 SVO (tagged and driving)
88 LX  (tagged but down for repairs/upgrades)
84 GT conv. (soon to be tagged)
79 GT Conv. (dropped tags,currently in pieces)
87 LSC-R (tagged,in pieces,being painted)
85 Turbo coupe (under construction)
65 Fastback (under restomodding,never ending project for the last 10 yrs)
78 Ford Van (the official CCA parts hauler/tow vehicle)
1 ex uhaul tow dolly
1 4X8 utility trailer (self explanitory)
1 Honda scooter (recently acquired,need a battery, soon to be the Carlisle

79 Coupe (yes its still for sale)
83 GT (parting out)
85 Turbo coupe (parting out, almost done)