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Re: SVO: Road Atlanta

On Mon, 1 Dec 97 23:44:35 +0000, you wrote:

>On Dec 1, 22:43, Floyd wrote:
>> Subject: Re: SVO:  Road Atlanta
>---- snip ----
>> Floyd Holsinger
>> 90 Buick Riviera
>> 88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
>> 86 GMC 3500 Dually PU
>> 85 Corvette
>> 85 Lincoln Continental
>> 84 Suzuki RM250
>> 72,73,74,76 Datsun Z's (in process of putting and welding together 1)
>> 1993 Kubota B2150 tractor/loader (got to mow the lawn)

>Quite a collection. You got any ET's on the Kubota?  ;-)
>Gary Morrell

Lets see top speed is 12.2 mph and it takes about 1-3 sec to hit top
speed on dry ground. Depending on what attachments are on it. (it
could weigh from 1861 lbs stock to  +371 for 60" belly mower, +450 lbs
for tire ballast, +640 lbs for rear tiller, +1000 lbs for front
loader, +2000 lbs of a load in bucket that's about 6322 lbs without me
on it ) 

     OK if I set it up in racing trim it will hit top speed in about
1sec traction is no problem at the 1/4 it should not get much wheel
spin at the tree and if it does I could always switch to 4WD or lock
my rear up for the maximum traction and still hit that max speed in
less than a second.  

  If I divide 12.2 mph into 60 mins I get 4.9180 which I guess is 1
mile in 4.918 mins so if I divide that by 4 it should tell me what
time it took to get 1/4 mile which is 1.2295 mins but you still got to
add the msec to hit the max speed which is .01667 so the total is
1.24617 mins or 74.770 seconds for the 1/4 mile. 

I sort of winged the calcs so don't flame me on it and anyway at that
ET I don't think slight errors is going to help much. If their is
someone in NJ who is willing to lend me one of those G-Force 1/4 mile
meters or some dyno time. I could give you some real hard figures :) I
think the tractor might be too slow to be able to get figures from a
G-Tech or Dyno.

                    Floyd Holsinger
          Amateur Radio Operater N2XQY 
           Hunterdon County, New Jersey
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