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SVO: turn sig arm replacement (for the non CCA crowd)

OK, In my infinite laziness, I've neglected to fix my "floppy" turn
signal switch in the last year 2 years I've owned the car. Well, I
finally got around to it thanks to Paul donating a spare unit w/ no arm
on it. (no, I still can't drive it, but I feel better knowing that if
the car actually had turn signals, they'd work more precisely!)


If you've put off fixing your arm and haven't because you couldn't find
one with the exact arm... wait no longer. I may be wrong, but I imagine
the assy. off of any fox car will work regardless of the "cosmetics" of
the arm. The arm on the assy. is mounted to the rest of the assy. by a
riveted type pin. Remove the assy from the car then remove the 4 torx
screws to disassemble the assy (this is your big chance to use the
smallest torx driver that came with the big set o'Craftman screwdrivers
that you got for Xmas) File off the end of the pin that holds the arm to
the assy. Take the SVO black arm out of your assy.

If you've had a floppy arm, then most likely you've slowly expanded the
aluminum housing that the arm sits in. This contributes to the sloppy
feel of the arm. Use the aluminum housing off of the new signal assy,
but before inserting the SVO arm into it, use a vise and gently squeeze
the housing until it's just slightly narrower than the arm. Now cram the
arm in there. This will give a much more precise feel. Take one of the 4
torx screws from the bad assy and thread it into the hole that the
riveted pin used to sit in. The metal is soft enough that it will tread
in perfect! Grind off the excess screw shaft and grind down the head
slightly so it ill fit back in the plastic assy. housing. Use a small
amount of loc-tite on the new screw. Reassemble. 

This from start to finish should take less than 1/2 an hour

Have fun.....Mikey

	From Paul....
> Mike also figured a way to fix those pesky loose turn signal indicator
> arms
> that get loose. Now he has a good indicator switch, he just cant drive
> the car
> to use it yet.If anyone out there has ever had their indicator arm
> snap off
> (of coarse right when you want to signal a turn) and you would like a
> spare
> switch, I found a dealer in CA who sells used switches for $15 each(I
> bought
> 2, 1 for a spare).Email me if interested.
> Paul (CCA Pres.) therapy seems to be helping.........for now.