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Mystery fuel injectors


I bought a turbo 2.3 engine, from an '85 T-Bird, it had black injectors 
with a blue stripe, which I was told is the Bosch injector used in the 
Porsche 944, I didn't think anything of it, and set 'em aside for later.

Now its later.  Upon closer examination, these are Lucas-style disc 
injectors, with the following markings:  "2718", "FJ20", "CAV", "D639", 
and a logo that looks like a capital S in an oval.

Questions are, what brand of injectors are these, and what is their flow 
rate?  They are compatible peak and hold 16 ohm injectors, and they 
worked for an unknown amount of time in the T-Bird, but thats all I know 
about 'em.