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SVO: Rice Boy wings..

>In a message dated 97-12-06 17:03:25 EST, shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu writes:
>> I thought they were to give you a push bar that was in a comfortable
>> position so that when they punched a hole in the oil pan thay can push it
>> off the road...
>  >>
>I think that was just a byproduct that was found out by owners after
>installation and then after the engine blowing up. I dont think it was
>intended that way. You know, I do think though that they truly believe that
>the size of the wing on their car represents the wishfull size of their
>manhood.(Boy, I wonder what they think about our SVO's with the Bi-wings 
>=O ).
>Paul (CCA Pres.)

ahh, I think the rice boys have the point on this one.  Most of the trunk 
decorations hiding down by the rear windows of  late model cars are just 
ballast.  A real wing has to reach the moving air above the car to work, 
and that leaves the Plymoth Superbird, the Cosworth Sierra, and some of 
the rice boys as the oly ones whos "wings" may actually do something 
other than supporting the third taillight.