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Re: SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

> Well you can aks Dave Compton about how much power Ken and my car made.
> was one of the members at the dyno. I will find the dyno sheets and scan
> to the list.
> Ken had a white 1988 XR4TI, 5-speed with about 85,000 mile on it. My 2
> hi-flow exhaust, cleaned stock 35 lbs injectors, 85.5 SVO VAF and EEC.
> was set to 20psi and he used 100 octane street gas. He made 258 hp, I
think it
> was 219 hp at the rear wheel. Why is it hard to understand? He ran 14.10s
@ 98
> mph, with stock tires. Chris is makeing about the same with his car. He
> have our 3'' exhaust, intercooler, 17-18 boost. He now has Daves camshaft
> the car so he must be more then 220hp.

To correct the record though...
Ken's Merkur was red, not white.  It went 13.9 @99 all day long, without an
intercooler.  He installed a Rapido intercooler, and exactly as Nick
predicted, it went slower.  14.3s repeatedly.  It's since been sold.  Ken
knows how to have cars and play with them without keeping them.  I REALLY
admire this.

Chris' car goes 13.8s at 103, granny shifting on whitewall weenie tires. 
I'm looking for some even quicker numbers soon, with the colder weather.

ALL of the comments I've received on the EEC book by Allan, have been
I really recommend this book.  I also happen to sell it. :)  $16 delivered.

"So don't delay, act now, supplies are running out."


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