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SVO: CCA Sgt. at arms found!!

After reviewing all the applications received for this prestigious position,
we have found our man! I would like you all to give a warm welcome to Eric
Crouse, he is our new Sgt. at arms. His screen name is Hoofbt@mindspring.com.
Eric is also new to this list. His Qualifications are as follows:
92 Mustang LX
84 Lincoln Mark VII (another LSC-R in the making)
66 Mustang Coupe
92 Harley Davidson Fat Boy (yes another motorcycle owner DAVE)
And the newest Project, A mustang convertible which will be turned into a
topless version of the Tiny avenger(drivetrain compliments of an 85 Turbo
coupe currently being parted out at CCA headquarters!) and the reason he
joined the list.
Duties include guarding wounded SVO's and other vehicles from premature parts
scavengers(Read: DAVE) and assisting with keeping order during CCA meetings.
He will also be the one who pulls the switch for the shock therapy sessions as
he is not as sick as some of the rest of us.
On the calender for next year, CCA will meet in force at the Ford Nationals at
Carlisle, PA(east coast chapter anyway) we invite all of you that can to
attend. I have 7 spaces at this show in the flea market area and we will have
a Barbecue grill there and lots of burgers and hotdogs. My alter ego "Crazy
Ray" will be there liquidating early Mustang Blemished sheetmetal. as well as
many of the parts located at CCA headquarters(A requirement of my therapy). I
will post the Space numbers when my renewal comes.

Paul (CCA President)

Will someone please take this 79 coupe off my hands? I beg you please.