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Re: SVO: RE: New Subscriber

In a message dated 97-12-07 15:24:08 EST, Mike.Ray@skycell.com writes:

 OK Paul, Judging by your company name....You sound like a "techno Geek"
 SVO owner. 
 What do you do for a living? I have a theory that these unknown Mustangs
 for some reason are owned MOSTLY (not all) by computer / engineer types
 who enjoy the idiosyncrasies of a 2.3 turbo as opposed to the 5.0 crowd.
 Do you own more cars than your family can drive at one time?, If so
 Paul.... meet Paul (pres of the CCA). He'll be working w/ you over the
 next several months on your therapy.
 Enjoy the list!
Paul, We at CCA (Car Collectors Anonymous) are here to help but first you have
to recognize that you have a problem. We are all friends here and have gone
through it, we know how you feel. Welcome.

Paul (CCA pres.)