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SVO: Engle 65 vs 55 camshafts

Recently Engle TCS-55 and TCS-65 camshafts were run on a lobe patterning &
measuring machine at a respected camshaft manufacturer, and here's what was

The 55s lobes are the same intake to exhaust.  The 65 is supposed to have
the same exhaust lobe as the 55, but a larger intake lobe. 

What we found was that the 65 had the same intake lobe as a 55, and a
smaller exhaust lobe. 

I will have actual numbers soon, because I've always thought the Engle cams
didn't measure out to what the card says.  BTW, nor do I care.  It works,
and it's cheap.

So, basically, forget the numbers that are bandied about, and remember that
the 55 has been a proven improvement over stock, especially for 2.3 turbo
cars without the largest stock cam (83 TBird and Cougar, 84 SVO, all
automatic XRs and TBirds).

$149 delivered, with new followers.

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