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Re: Dave's List

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> Cory Erickson wrote:
> > How is he going to totally kick me (us) off? :)
> Well, I've never administrated a mailing list before, but I thought
> the server checked a list of members before it allowed a message to
> the list to be sent out, and if you weren't on the list of members
> it didn't go out.  Based on those thoughts, I also thought you had
> been removed from the list of members after the last Nick debacle...;-)

I have not heard of a mailing list that has that option. I've worked with
a few and you either lock them up, or leave them open (moderated or
unmoderated) as far as subscription. Dave would be one busy dude if he
decided to pass all sub and unsub requests through him to do
manually...Even if he did lock it up, it's not like there isn't 101
different free internet web mail accounts out there where you can make up
your own username (like "NUKE_Mp23cc@hotmail.com" ?) :)