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Re: SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Well you can aks Dave Compton about how much power Ken and my car made. Dave
> was one of the members at the dyno. I will find the dyno sheets and scan them
> to the list.
> Ken had a white 1988 XR4TI, 5-speed with about 85,000 mile on it. My 2 1/2''
> hi-flow exhaust, cleaned stock 35 lbs injectors, 85.5 SVO VAF and EEC. Turbo
> was set to 20psi and he used 100 octane street gas. He made 258 hp, I think it
> was 219 hp at the rear wheel. Why is it hard to understand? 

intercooler?  dont forget little inconsequential things like that?
I also think we should stick to RWHP #'s here....I'm tired of people using
the 20% rule on a car whether it has a stick or automatic, 9" 8.8" or 7.5"
rear, etc.  20% is more of a automatic equipped car  with a 9"
rear...noway in hell a T9 or t5 drags as much as a C4.
so please, jus say the rwhp, along with tranny and and rear(if diffrent).

I'm sure what would really mean something is the good old change only the
cam before/after numbers.  I for one beleive that if you spend the same
money with a stock car that has a decnet intercooler, you could make as
more power in the turbo than with a cam....


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