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Re: SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> You can only use the hp to time chart so much. It is not how much power  you
> make but how much you get to the ground. I do not feel that any XR can ever
> launch as well as a T-Bird or SVO. 

I do.  My Xr with bald 195-60-14 Toyo Proxi's got 2.2-2.3 sec 60's, which
is jus as good as any other car runnin the same times(high 15s).  And the
60's wont get worse the faster the car gets, jus that they wont get much
FWIW, I can only get 2.3 sec 60 times with the pinto running those times,
and it still can only get a 2.0X with 235-70-15's.......and best I have
gotten with 225-60-16's on the pinto was 2.08 or so...with an avg aroiund


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