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missing/sputtering under load/cruise update

I have swapped out a few items and still have the problem. I checked codes
and found only a 41 (running lean). I received a hint from Joe about the
TPS and swapped it out. I also swapped out the FPR. I checked the intake
for restrictions and checked the movement of the VAF. Everything seemed
fine. I didn't check fuel pressure because I don't have a gauge yet. 

After all that I still have the problem occasionally. It only happens
under slight acceleration when the car is warm, and it seems to do it the
most on the interstate when maintaining a steady cruise of 60 mph @ ~2950
rpm. I am not sure where to go. If it were a FP/filter problem I would
think when I floor it it would fall on its face, yet instead that's when
it comes out of it. I think I might have an injector acting up or an
ignition problem....but the cure of giving it some gas just flusters me
>!?@>!# The funny thing is...it never does it in stop-go traffic...just
mostly on the interstate.